Oral Surgery, Savannah GA

The mission of Southeastern Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates (SOMSA) is to improve oral health, well-being and comfort of patients. SOMSA’s board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons, Alfred E. Pesto, DMD, FACS, and Justin B. Damron, DDS, along with Dexter W. Mattox, DMD, MD practice a full scope of oral surgery: Expertise ranging from wisdom tooth removal and dental implant procedures to bone grafting and corrective surgeries for the jaw and mouth; and diagnosing and treating facial pain / dental trauma, while offering a variety of IV anesthesia and sedation options to maximize comfort.

SOMSA strives to provide patients with an exceptional surgical experience by providing a mutually agreed upon treatment plan that meets the unique needs of patients. SOMSA’s talented team values working with patients to create a comfortable, stress-free and rewarding surgical experience.

doctor and assistant performing dental work on patient laying in dental chair